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Re: Mounting Music CD's Causes System Freeze


> > > When you say couldn't read DVDs, do you mean that you couldn't mount a
> > > data DVD, couldn't watch a movie, or couldn't mount a movie DVD?
> > 
> > Hi Doug,
> > 
> > The answer is "yes" :)  The original drive reacted to movie DVDs and DVD-RWs by buzzing and whirring
> > for a little while before giving up, sometimes ejecting the disk, but it could read normal CDs and 
> > CDRs just fine.  Now, with the replacement, I can read DVD-RWs and CD-Rs, but not music discs. The icon will 
> > pop up on the desktop with label "Music Disc" (or something close to that), and within 30 seconds the machine will 
> > lock up.  Clicking the icon causes the machine to lock immediately.
> > 
> Try to isolate the problem.  In case its a desktop (Gnome?) problem,
> boot up into a regular shell, not graphics.  Try to mount the CD-R and
> DVD-RW and read the filesystem.  Try to play a music CD with a
> text-based cdplayer.  If any of this fails, you should get some usefull
> error messages.  If it all works then the problem is with Gnome.
I have the same problem. Can play CD with an console player but not
using gcd or sound-juicer. DVD no problem (when it works).

I believe it is a problem with a gnome library.

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