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Re: What's your favourite FLOSS?

On 10/27/06, Stephen Cormier <s.cormier@gmx.net> wrote:
 * file manager [ Konqueror, command line ]

Many entries mentioned Bash as file manager, and please tell if Bash
is the shell you are using so that I could put it here instead of
'command line'.

 * pdf-reader [ Kpdf or Konqueror embeded ]

Konqueror is everything isn't it. I didn't know it can also view pdf's.

 * file archiver [ Ark, tar ]

I put the category of 'misc utilities' for such things not deserving a
separate category. I'll recognize it as a separate category if there's
enough votes for file archiving.
 * system monitoring [ Gkrellm, lm-sensors ]

Many put this sort in misc utilities, but probably does deserve a
separate category.

 * TV app [ XDTV ]
 * video editing/encoding/transcoding [ Avidemux, ToVid, Mencoder, FFmpeg ]

These are interesting additions. It's even surprising that there
weren't entries for Mencoder. I'll put my vote in for it since I use
nothing else to encode video, and find its tremendous amount of
features exciting.

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