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Re: Good reader for /usr/share/doc/ and/or man pages ?

On 10/27/2006 05:50 AM, HXC wrote:
> I am searching for a reader that 'automatically' reads /usr/share/doc/ and/or 
> man pages. It would be especially great it such a program would list the 
> available (Debian) readme's available in the  /usr/share/doc directory. 
> Anyone knows such a program?

My favorite is midnight commander running in an aterm (xterm) window.
It's fast, versatile, and reads all formats; .txt, .gz, .html, .pdf,
etc. internally or with your favorite readers for those formats.

$ apt-cache show mc

But $ man <command> is the way to go for just the man pages.

I also find these two references very handy:

$ apt-cache show debian-reference

Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card


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