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Re: Why I left Debian

> I really do not want to start any flame here but after all, as I used Debian 
> for few months, I find honest to say why I'm leaving it.

It is not a living thing. Has it's
own purpose and fulfils it. Anyway,
linux is user friendly this days.

> - as I installed etch around 50% of shutdowns never complete. So common that I
> was used to unplug battery simply to shutdown. Same for 'logout session' 
> which allways freeze the laptop with a new login attempt.

Etch is not stable. Some laptops are
culprits for one reason or another,
rather than debian. Broken acpi, bad
bios, cheap nics...

> - recently I had to 'pinning' apt-get (or dpkg..do not remember..) on previous
> version because latest version continuously break apt-get repository. Only 
> cost few hours of googling to find a solution.

That's the best part. Fun!!!

> - others..sorry only remember hours of googling to find solutions..

Fantastic! You found it by yourself.

> Once again I do not want to start any flame here : indeed Debian is a superb 
> distro (packaging system is really superb) but, IMHO, dedicated to 'Linux 
> techies' ?

Some kind of weasel?!
Come back in december, for weasel feat.


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