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need for quiet room list

We've all seen some heated discussions on the lists recently with
reference to previous heated discussions of the
he-said/she-said/don't-take-sides kind.

Once the focus of a thread shifts from the problem at hand to a personal
disagreement, I'm wondering if there shouldn't be a separate
private@lists.debian.org list for hashing out personal disagreements in
sort-of private.  By sort-of, I mean that its out of the routine public
view.  Even if this list was as accessible as the other lists (or
perhaps to avoid spam, restricted to those who are subscribed to a
regular debian list), we all can avoid listening in on a conversation
that is not ours.

This would accomplish a few things:
	Allow all parties to save face and avoid the need to justify
	themselves to the whole community.

	Keep the public face of Debian more professional; allow Debian
	to save face.

	Keep the lists clear of clutter, especially the archives and

	Perhaps allow problems to be resoved faster so all parites can
	get back to the problems at hand.



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