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re: how can I see booting messages

as root, dmesg | grep -i "hdd" | less should do it for you. dmesg doesn't store everything, I've had error messages speak that later were nowhere to be found after running dmesg but hdd information is preserved. If debian doesn't speak, I can't use it and you do need to have speech temporarily disabled during boot sequence or the system locks up, so using a trick like dmesg >dmesg.log then less dmesg.log allows me to hear what dmesg.log preserves. It's like the syscap utility for dos and windows. Just put the syscap line as first line of config.sys and reboot the computer and later have a look at syscap.log in the root directory. If those two fail, a hardware solution would be a weasel card which temporarily replaces the monitor card and is hooked up to a printer or other computer. Everything that would go across the screen can be captured during boot up. I don't recommend weasel cards unless you have a spare $350.00 to spend though.

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