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Re: fetchmail: SMTP error: 450 4.4.3

>i used to use pop3browser and list the email message headers and when I
>found a bad one, deleted it. This usually got fetchmail 'unwedged'.

Yeah, that works. Thanks. That is one way.
I really want to turn off this reverse DNS checking and
solve it forever.

$ fetchmail -v
fetchmail: SMTP> MAIL FROM:<hbk@dd-ceste.si> SIZE=19039
fetchmail: SMTP< 450-4.4.3 defer all mail from 'hbk@dd-ceste.si'.
fetchmail: SMTP< 450-4.4.3 Sender address target domain 'dd-ceste.si' cannot be verified at this time.
fetchmail: SMTP< 450-4.4.3 Reason given was: verify_sender(): DNS error: Host name lookup failure: Connection timed out.
fetchmail: SMTP< 450 4.4.3 Try again later.
fetchmail: SMTP error: 450 4.4.3 Try again later.
fetchmail: SMTP> RSET
fetchmail: SMTP< 250 2.3.0 Reset state
 not flushed

$ man smail-config
Has a lot of useful info, but I need to figure out
which parameter to change.

 man 5 smail
is also useful.

Time for bed.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll dig more tomorrow.

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