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Re: todays etch update of xorg

On 10/26/06, Andreas Rönnquist <andreas.ronnquist@gmail.com> wrote:
Todays (etch) update wants to update lots of xorg packages - and in the
process remove (amongst other xserver-xorg-video-packages)
xserver-xorg-video-nv because of unsatisfiable dependencies.

Will this render my desktop unusable?

I am currently using the nvidia-installer (the sh-file from the
nvidia-site) as graphics driver for my nvidia card.

Is it safe to update?

I also use etch and the nvidia-site driver with xorg and kde.

Last night I crossed my fingers and did the full update. It was a very
large download - Logging out and ctrl-alt-backspace afterwards gave me
the Nvidia splash screen so I expected the driver to still be working.
No joy.

I rebooted to single user mode and searched around for my Nvidia
installer without sucess. I'm not sure how I lost it! The Nvidia site
provided a new copy - NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8776-pkg1.run
This is a more recent driver than the one I downloaded only a few days
ago from NVIDIA - and installed perfectly with only one warning (which
I ignored.)

Today I have hardware rendering working without issue and as an odd
side effect the update fixed some lag issues I was having recently.


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