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quota usage problem


I use quotas in the /home directory of a Debian GNU/Linux Sarge but I'm
having a strange behavior. I only use block limits:

soft: 4000
hard: 4500
grace time : 7 dias

When the user gets 4500 blocks (hard limit) the quota system blocks the
user to create more data in the partition (great for now) but when the
user deletes a file for getting more space to write (i have done the
probe removing a 3MB file) the quota system says, still, that the user is
using 4500 blocks !!

For example, i delete the file and the filesystem usage by the user is
very reduced:

# du -hs /home/user
648K	/home/usuario

But the quota system says that the user is using still 4500 blocks:

# quota user
Disk quotas for user user (uid 1092): 
     Filesystem  blocks   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
     /dev/sda10    4500*   4000    4500              91       0       0        

It seems that the quota system don't know that i have deleted a file and
actually i'm using less than 1MB.

If anyboy knows what i am doing bad or what's happens, please tell me.

Christian Pinedo Zamalloa

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