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Re: Weird Apache problem, hanging on particular data patterns

On 24.10.06 18:49, vashts wrote:
> I just realized something. The machines I was testing the transfers
> from aren't even in the same office. I thought they were, because the
> transfer speeds were so high. If I do grab those files from a machine
> on the same LAN they work fine. It only seems to happen when routed
> over one of our WAN links, and only with those two files. I can only
> conclude it's something with that upstream provider... but I wonder
> how they could be doing any sort of application layer filtering while
> not bogging their network down.?. I can nearly max that 100mbit link
> when doing test ftps from some public ftp sites.
> Sorry for the trouble.. I can't conclude it's anything else but that
> provider anymore.. If the file is encrypted or otherwise obfuscated it
> works fine. If I use SSL ftp it works fine... same goes for SCP/SFTP.

I guess there's some broken router (or different device) that breaks on
specific data in the file.

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