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Re: System/Bios Time

> > Ed Curtis wrote:
> > > It's not a dual-boot. I'm not sure but I think the bios date/time had
> > > something to do with it because I haven't had a problem with it since
> > > resetting it and updateing with ntpdate.

> > I'm unsure about modern hardware, but older machines often suffered from
> > clock-drift, and could be particularly affected by system load and/or
> > weak/dying CMOS batteries.
> > 
> > I'm unsure if ntpdate sets the hardware clock; if it does, I would doubt
> > this explanation. If not, I would suspect this as the problem.
> > 
> > As far as some of your apps exhibiting strange behaviour, I can only
> > assume they're clock-sensitive in some way.

On 23.10.06 15:33, Dave Ewart wrote:
> Yes: Apache is - I believe - rather sensitive to clock reversals.  That
> is the symptom of the more general clock problem.

it just can't work with timers. You set up something to be done in 10
seconds, time changes and now you'll have to wait for one half hour more...

you'll have to restart apache at least.

> If installed correctly and able to do so, Debian will synchronise the
> hardware clock to the current system time (see
> /etc/init.d/../init.d/hwclock.sh).
> Set your hardware clock to UTC and make sure ntpdate runs at boot-up
> (assuming you can see the Internet at boot-up) and all should be well.
> If not, then something is stopping your clock synchronising.

I would remove /etc/adjtime just to be sure, set hwclock to correct time
(UTC!) and reboot.

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