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Re: wireless network interface in Debian


On 10/21/06, Digvijoy Chatterjee <chatterjee.digvijoy@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi List,
First Day using Debian test build i386
uname -a
Linux Ulysses 2.6.16-2-686 #1 Sat Jul 15 21:59:21 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux

really excited , trying to configure the wireless network card , sound
,ethernet, video ,etc are fine

dmesg |grep eth

thats the first place you mighthave gone wrong:
wifi cards are often recognized as wlanX interfaces.
If your sure that this is your card (check the MAC with the one on the box the card came in) - then you might already be good to go.

e100: eth0: e100_probe: addr 0xcfffe000, irq 11, MAC addr 00:0E:7B:88:B5:78
eth1394: eth1: IEEE-1394 IPv4 over 1394 Ethernet (fw-host0)
e100: eth0: e100_watchdog: link up, 100Mbps, full-duplex
eth0: no IPv6 routers present

Is debian able to recognise my wireless card why if so why is it
showing firewire (IEEE-1394)

AFAIK - not related to your wifi card at all.
Looks like that device is some sort firewire-network bridge or something.

How do i configure my wireless card ??

You want to search for a tool called iwconfig - it allows you to do just that in the same manner that you would use ifconfig.

Its connects to a secure Network and the settings in Windows XP are :

Network Name (SSID)=Network_620
Network Key (WEP)=DB333FE3395E811111

WEP is a big hexadecimal , which i have changed for obvious reasons

Now - you havent really said what chipset your card is based on, what manufacturer made it - so its near impossible to tell if the eth0/1 you mention are wireless cards and if they are supported by the kernel version your using.
Maybe lspci would tell me more.
Without knowing anything - i reccomend using ndiswrapper (nice little thing that allows you to use the windows drivers in a linux kernel).
Ive had a great experience with it on my laptop.


Łukasz Andrzejak
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