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Nagios Installation - libsensors3 Warning

Hi All,

I recently tried to install Nagios on my Sarge stable machine and got the following message:

│ libsensors3 not functional
│ It appears that your kernel is not compiled with sensors support and that you don't have sensors modules installed. As
│ a result, libsensors3 will not be functional on your system.
│ If you want to enable it, you can:
│  - Install the i2c-2.4-xx-x-xxx and lm-sensors-2.4-xx-x-xxx packages
│    corresponding to your kernel if you are using a prebuilt kernel;
│  - Patch your kernel using the packages kernel-patch-2.4-i2c and
│    kernel-patch-2.4-lm-sensors;
│  - Build the modules yourself using i2c-source and lm-sensors-source.

As I'm interested in the hardware monitoring functions, how would I go about enabling sensor support (I'm using the prebuilt kernel)? Do I get the i2c-2.4-xx-x-xxx and lm-sensors-2.4-xx-x-xxx packages via apt-get?

Any clues would be greatly appreciated.



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