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Re: guessnet and wireless

H.S. wrote:
Lorenzo Bettini wrote:

I'm successfully using guessnet to use a specific wired network configuration by using specific tests.

I'd like to do the same for wireless network; guessnet says that it supports waproamd, but waproamd says it is obsolete and suggests to use wpa-supplicant instead...

does anyone have an example configuration for using the right wireless network according to some tests (detect the presence of a specific access point, etc.)?

thanks in advance

In my wife's Inspiron 5160 Dell laptop (has Broadcom 1350 wireless mini pci card, iirc), the bcm43xx module works perfectly. The laptop is running ubuntu, btw. I just have to go to System->Networking GUI (also obtained by network-admin command) and I just select a 'location' and configure my interfaces. e.g., I have set up her university wireless connection and also her home wireless connection. She just needs to start that GUI to change the ssid and her wireless cards works pretty nicely. She is using WEP btw, not wpa. I don't think her laptop has guessnet installed. I know wap-supplicant is not installed (I think you need this only for wpa).

Actually I have no problem in starting the wireless connection manually... what I'd want is the connection to start up automatically according to the access point detected (just like I did with guessnet for wired connections)...

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