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Re: How many DDs are there?

On 10/15/06, Alexander Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org> wrote:

* Tshepang Lekhonkhobe <tshepang@gmail.com> [061015 15:46]:

> I'm very curious to know how many Debian Developers are there today.
> Is there anyone keeping record? Sarge had about 1,200 IIRC.

That's not easy to answer, since many packages are maintained by a team
(e.g. x.org is maintained by the "x strike force"),
and no one ever tried to count them.  A rough estimation would be:

$ grep "Maintainer: " /var/lib/apt/lists/ftp.debian.org_debian_dists_sid_main_source_Sources|sort -u|wc -l

I suppose that it would be easy to know if one starts from Sarge's
count, subtracts those who have resigned and adding new DDs (those
with archive rights). Where could one find such information?

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