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Re: installing Debian on a dual boot Fedora Core 5/Windows PC

Michael Fothergill wrote:
Dear Debian folks?

I run Fedora Core 5 and Windows on my PC in a dual boot situation using GRUB.

If I install Debian too will it be OK?

Depends on your definition of "OK". It is possible
to have a multi-boot system.

Will I end up with two GRUBs?

Depends on whether you install two GRUBs.

What happens here?

Whatever you do is what happens.

You aren't asking very well-directed questions.

It would help if you stated your goals, and then asked
questions related to how to accomplish them.

I suppose you want to make GRUB able to boot Windows,
Fedora Core, and Debian. This can be done. You can even
let Fedora Core and Debian use the same /swap if you have
that as a separate partition. You can even share /home
if that is a separate partition, and you are careful about
user and group IDs, but that would, IMO, creat more
maintenance problems than it would solve.

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