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problem playing vcd with totem

Dear list,
I am turning to this list expecting a small help. I am using debian
etch. gnome 2.14, totem, totem-xine 1.4.5 ..

I have a vcd/dvd drive. when I insert dvd, it automatically opens up
totem movie player and plays movie -no problem! But when I insert a vcd,
it opens up totem but fails to play movie and give following error :
"totem could not play 'vcd:///cdrom' "
There is no input plugin to handle the movie.

The cause of the problem is :
when I insert insert dvd and give following command
#totem dvd:///cdrom  --- WORKS

BUT, when I insert vcd and give following command
#totem vcd:///cdrom --- GIVES ERROR (the same error as above)

#totem vcd:///dev/cdrom 
#totem vcd://

both works. Can anyone suggest a work-around for this?

Note: /dev/cdrom has symlink to /dev/hdb.


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