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Re: Debian doesn't install on IBM Tink Pad R52


Probably what you have is a SATA dvd recorder, thats why it get not
recognized by Debian Etch.

You can install either Etch or Sarge provided you use the 2.4 series

If you want 2.6 kernel for Sarge you'll have to build your own kernel or
get a precompiled kernel image (it must be greater than 2.6.8).
Or you can  install  Etch with 2.4 kernel (just do a base install), then
manually install 2.6 kernel image. To make the dvd recorder work have a
look here:
may be it will help solve your problem


Mirto Silvio Busico wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have to install Debian on a notebook: IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad R52 sub 1846.
> All I've tried filed.
> With Etch:
>     sata hd recognized
>     dvd recorder not recognized (tied to install with an external usb
> dvd reader)
>     istallation starts
>     dhcp works
>     istallation is stalled and the machine doesn'work anymore
> With Sarge (3.1 r 3):
>     dvd recognized
>     sata hd not recognized
>     dhcp doesnt work
> What can I do to install any Debian version?
> Anyoune installed Debian on this kind of machine?
> Regards
>     Mirto

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