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Re: capturing terminal scrollback buffer?

On Sun, Oct 08, 2006 at 05:25:43AM EDT, Trond Arne Sørby wrote:
> cga2000 wrote:
> >Only feature that I'm missing is vertical screen splits and resizing
> >because this would make gnu/screen the perfect text-mode tiling window
> >manager.
> I haven't tried it yet, but 
> http://people.nas.nasa.gov/~kolano/projects/screenwm.html looks 
> promising :-)

Thanks much for the pointer...!

There's a thread regarding this screen wrapper on the screen-user list.

I think I'll first apply the vertical split patch and see how this
works out for me.

Various users appear to have implemented it and it seems to work rather
well if you don't do any resizing of the underlying terminal -- which I
never do .. with only 1400x1050 pixels, I absolutely need full-screen.

As to screenwm .. I read the "doc" about twenty times and I'm not sure
what it actually _does_ .. so my guess if that you need to install it
and play with it a bit .. It _sounds_ like it provides "views" of your
multiplexed terminal environment and makes it a lot more straightforward
to ssh to remote hosts and have nested levels of screen .. but I'm not

What I hope is that it mimics vim's behavior where you can have just
about any number of active buffers -- in essence vim "subsessions" and
switch to a memorized view that presents a collection of them in
split-screen mode. 

Since screenwm's author uses vi-like movement keys  -- dixit .. to
navigate the sub-windows, it makes sense to be somewhat hopeful that his
inspiration regarding the management of sessions  was also based on the
way it's implemented in vim. 

We'll see ..

In any event thanks a lot for this info.



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