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Problem with SATA raid

Hi. I have a strong problem with my server, and I think it depends from SATA
disk or SATA controller or SATA cable or other thing in this way. Now I
will describe my hardware and than what problem happens.

- Mother board SuperMicro X6DAi-G2
- 2x CPU XEON Dual Core 2.8Ghz
- 4GB RAM KingStone
- 6 x Disk SATA Maxtor 300GB
- PCI Serial ATA Controller (4 port) ChipSet SiI 3114
- VGA Asus (nVidia) N6200TC

Machine have 2 raid software.
- md0 is RAID 0 (5 disk + 1 spare) 28 GiB
- md1 is RAID 5 (5 disk + 1 spare) 789 GiB

On this machine I have installed RedHad and recently Debian Sarge with kernel
2.6 smp, but for my problem distro or kernel appears no different. After small
uptime - approximately 10-14 days - machine freeze and tty1 said:

* ata1: command 0x35 timeout, stat 0xd0 host_stat 0x61
* scsi0: error on channel 0, id 1, lun 0, CDB: write (10) 00 03 7d fe bf 00 \\
* 00 08 00
* current sdb: sense key Medium error Additional sense: write error - auto \\
* reallocation failed
* end_request: i/o error, dev sdb, sector 5858863
* ATA: abnormal status 0xD0 on port 0x1F7

No errors are reported into syslog. Local or remote login are disabled, but
machine reply to ping message.

In past months I have replaced SATA cable, sdb and PCI controller, operative
system and kernel, but situation is not change. Now I think that the problem
lives on mother board controller or in bios configurations or in exotic magic
bad lucky.

Can you (or someone) help me?

Andrea -

Openclose.it - Idee per il software libero

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