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Re: problems with CD-Writer

On Sunday 08 October 2006 00:00, Brad Brock shared this with us all:
>--> I've just installed a CD-Writer to my computer. I want
>--> to burn an ISO image, but I have problems with
>--> cdrecord. Can anybody show me how to use cdrecord
>--> properly since cdrecord doesn't seem recognize my
>--> CD-Writer? (It fails when I use -scanbus option).

Install wodim

This is wodim, not cdrecord. Don't expect it to behave like cdrecord in any
way, don't refer to it as "cdrecord". Send problem reports to
debburn-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org, don't bother Joerg Schilling with any
problems caused by this application.
Copyright (C) 2006 cdrkit maintainers, (C) 1994-2006 Joerg Schilling

Lite-On rocks, external or internal on desktops or lappys. So I think you 
should have wodim installed?

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