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Bricolage (1.8.9) is very slow on Debian Etch beta 3 release

Debian & Bricolage users:

I recently installed Debian Etch (beta 3 release) on a P3/800 machine
and installed the  Bricolage package (1.8.9-1).  Unfortunately, the
application seems to run very slowly when I browse to the login page
using Internet Explorer (8 to 27+ seconds to load or reload the login
page).  I get similar results when I run these on a VMware virtual
machine.  So, I think it's a software issue, not hardware.

"top" shows the CPU loading around 0.20 when I repeatedly reload the
home page.

I played around with hdparm on the P3/800 machine, but the hard drive
seems to perform well with the default settings and there was no
apparent change in hard drive read performance or Bricolage performance
as I enabled 32-bit mode, etc..

/var/log/bricolage/error.log doesn't show any errors.

I suspect something in Bricolage is breaking on Etch and causing time
outs, but I don't know how to find or fix the problem(s).

Has anyone seen this issue?

Is there a way I can enable debugging/ profiling in Bricolage and/or
apache-perl to try to figure out what's going on?



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