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Re: Gnome doesn´t start with Sarge r3

Ricardo Falcão wrote:
    Dear friends:
I had one Debian Sarge (3.1) r2 installed on a Compaq Deskpro EP configured for the desktop environment. I re-installed the Debian Sarge using r3 CD´s instead of the original r2 CD´s. Surprisingly, the Gnome environment did not start when the installation was finished and the machine rebooted. I made another installation of the Sarge r2, and the Gnome environment just started normally. Again, I made other installation of the Sarge r3, and again, the Gnome environment did not start. I repeated this experience for more four times, alternating the installation of r2 and r3, using the exactly same installation options for both. The results were the same. Gnome did not start with r3 although the desktop environment task had always been selected during the installation process. As this behaviour doesn´t make sense for me, for some days I´ve tried to find something on the Internet, without success.
    So, this is the problem.
PC´s hardware description: .Compaq Deskpro EP model C466
    .Processor: Intel Celeron 466 Mhz
    .Memory: 256 Mbytes
    .Chipset: Intel 82810
    .NIC: Intel 82559
    .BIOS: Compaq made BIOS.

So what error messages did you get?


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