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Re: generate syndication feed for podcast

Jochen Schulz <ml@well-adjusted.de> writes:

> Russell L. Harris:
>> I discovered and installed a Debian package "python-pyrss2gen" which is
>> a Python interface for generating RSS 2.0 feeds, but the package appears
>> to have no man page.  I searched with Google but I did not find information
>> about the package, so I don't know how to use it.
> It's a programming library for python and these seldomly have a manpage.
> But I agree that documentation is a little bit poor. However, there is
> a usage example in /usr/share/doc/python-pyrss2gen/README.gz.
> I only used it once to write a little script that dissects bash.org's
> HTML output so that I have an RSS feed of new entries. You can look at
> it here:
> http://wasteland.homelinux.net/svn/src/python/scripts/bash-rss.py
> and the output at:
> http://wasteland.homelinux.net/~jrschulz/bash-org.rss
> Finding the right HTML tags which include the interesting parts of your
> website might be a little tricky and in my case it only works so well
> because bash.org's HTML is quite tidy. If you have direct access to the
> site it might be easier gather the information you need from another
> place than the site's HTML output. That gives the additional benefit
> that your script won't break when the site's layout changes.
> J.

Thanks, Jochen!  I feel stupid for failing to look for the README in the
"doc" directory.

I'll take a look at your example the first thing in the morning.


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