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generate syndication feed for podcast

I have a web site with a directory for MP3 files which I wish to make
available as podcast episodes.  Links to these files are scattered throughout
the pages which comprise the web site.

I have spent several hours searching with Google in an attempt to find a
HOWTO for generating the RSS syndication feed 2.0 feed for a podcast, but I have not been
successful.  I have searched for phrases such as "create podcast
syndication feed", "create podcast", "podcasting howto", and so forth.

I discovered and installed a Debian package "python-pyrss2gen" which is
a Python interface for generating RSS 2.0 feeds, but the package appears
to have no man page.  I searched with Google but I did not find information
about the package, so I don't know how to use it.

At this point I'm feeling very confused, and I am not sure what I need
or how to proceed.  Where can I find a podcasting HOWTO?


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