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Migrating XFree86 to Xorg

I have a problem with my laptop, but it's not really laptop specific.

For two years I happily used it in class with an external projector.

This summer after a variety of upgrades (don't ask) I have problems.

I can currently say that debian testing/Xorg using an Xorg config
found on the web specific for my klaptop (Averatec 3225) works
perfectly *except* the projector says "no signal" as soon as X

Knoppix 4.0 (Xfree86) works and so does the projector. Knoppix 5.0
(Xorg) works, but not the projector.

Evidently there is something in the Xorg config which the projector
can't handle.

I tried noting the horizontal and vertical sync values from the
XFree86 config created by knopppix 4 and using those in the Xorg conf
file. X starts fine, but the projector again refuses to
cooperate. Obviuosly I'm missing something.

My question then: can somebody point me at a tool to migrate an
XFree86 config to Xorg? I figure there must be one as I have
successfully upgrade two other machines (both testing) from XFree to

Any assistance will be gratefully received.
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