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Re: Timezone confusion


On 2006-10-03, Thomas A. Anderson wrote:
> This is how I have done it:
> 1. "tzconfig" to set the time zone
> 2. edit /etc/default/rcS to include "UTC=yes"
> 3. date --set="<the-local-time-and-date>"
> 4. "hwclock --utc --systohc" to set the hardware clock to GMT

as i answered in private to you, "man hwclock" (with refs) is worth reading.
But if you like to find answer in the archive, it's also good, for
search skills (of google ;).

Kernel on boot sets up its system clock assuming CMOS (or call it RTC) has
time in UTC (kernel doesn't need all timezone database and userprompting
on boot, does it?). And as it stated in the sources, this scheme was in
UNIX. IMHO, very globally smart thing, it's not that mess, advanced
user will find in Offtpic System.

So, switch OFF _all_ time changing flags and options in your XP, set time
in BIOS to UTC (GMT) and be sure, that in linux you have correct time.
Need to know what's time in particular place, run tzselect and explore.
Need to know other interesting things about time, run date.


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