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Re: SMP with ACPI disabled

On Thu, 05 Oct 2006 15:54:39 +1300
Matt Parlane <matt@webgenius.co.nz> wrote:

> On 10/5/06, Roberto C. Sanchez <roberto@connexer.com> wrote:
> > > I have a dual Xeon machine that was running fine on all four
> > > cores, but then I started getting some filesystem corruption
> > > because of dodgy RAID drivers.  I disabled ACPI, which fixed
> > > this, but now I am down to running on two cores.
> > >
> > > My question is, is there any way to run SMP (that will give me all
> > > four cores) without ACPI?
> >
> > If you are running on two cores, and you see both in /proc/cpuinfo,
> > then you have SMP enabled.
> I can see two cores in /proc/cpuinfo, but I used to see four, since
> the processors are both dual core (sorry, I should have mentioned
> this).
> I'm not sure if I'm only running on one physical processor or one core
> from each processor, but I'm definitely only running on two cores, and
> I was running on four cores before, and the only change I made was
> disabling ACPI.
> I have the dmesg output from before (with ACPI) and now (without ACPI)
> if anyone is interested:
> http://www.webgenius.co.nz/dmesg-acpi.txt
> http://www.webgenius.co.nz/dmesg-noacpi.txt
> Cheers,
> Matt

I don't have an answer.I thought ACPI was for power management, esp
laptops, a heavily used server doesn't seem to me to need power
management. I have a smp PIII Gz that gives me fits, IRQ allocation on
the pci slots. This is a APIC issue, and the easiest solution was not
to use certain cards in the box.

Is that two cpu's with hyperthreading or two core duo cpu's?

Greg Madden

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