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Re: can't install anything from testing

Christian Pinedo Zamalloa wrote:
On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 07:39:34PM +0200, Andreas Berglund wrote:

I recently reinstalled debian stable on my box, but I would like to run some packages from testing. But after the reinstall I can't install anything from the testing repository, I get messages of dependencies that can't be met for everything. I have searched google and the man pages for apt-* and dpkg for a clue but I havent found anything. Does anyone now what's going on on or where I should look for a solution?

Andreas Berglund

In http://www.debian.org/doc you have the APT HOWTO and there is is
esplained how to merge different repositories in a Debian box.

Yes I know, I have read it. The problem is I'm following the instructions in that document, and installing packages from testing used to work without a hitch before my reinstall with the same settings as I have now.

Andreas Berglund

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