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Re: Pinning libstdc++6 does not work ...

On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 12:44:10 +0200, Stefan Bellon wrote:
> Because of Debian bug 386121
> (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=386121) I cannot
> update to a later version of libstdc++6 than 4.1.1-11 and need to
> "hold" this package version. In the past I just didn't update at all,
> but I'd like to update other packages now.
> I have put the following in /etc/apt/preferences:
> Package: libstdc++6
> Pin: version 4.1.1-11
> Pin-Priority: 1001
> But then, when trying to do an update from within aptitude, it still
> wants to replace this libstdc++6 version with a later one.

Maybe something is wrong with the package pin. Try to use

Pin: version 4.1.1-11*

instead. If this does not work then you should post the output of

apt-cache policy libstdc++6

so that we can see how your apt rates the different versions of the

>                                                            If I "hold"
> libstdc++6 in aptitude, I get over 50 broken packages and cannot
> resolve them manually.

If your system is in a consistent state then it should be possible to
put the library on hold without breaking other packages. This hold will
of course block upgrades of all dependent packages. This can become
awkward pretty soon since libstdc++6 is an important library.

> What's the way to go if I want to pin libstdc++6 4.1.1-11 and all
> dependent packages, but being able to update other packages?

I think the following should work: Run "aptitude keep-all" to cancel all
scheduled actions. Start aptitude in interactive mode; there should be
no broken packages. (Check with 'b'; if there are broken packages you
have to fix them first.) Put libstdc++6 on hold. If you now use 'U' to
request an upgrade then aptitude should detect the problems with the new
versions of the packages that depend on libstdc++6. It should propose
different ways of resolving the conflicts; one of them should be
'suggests 50+x keeps'. If you accept that resolution then aptitude
should be able to upgrade all packages which are not affected by
libstdc++6. (Use ',' and '.' to view the different proposals and '!' to
accept the best one.)


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