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Re: manage multiple debian machines

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Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Steve Kemp wrote:
>> On Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 04:27:48PM -0400, Miles Fidelman wrote:
>>> www.webmin.com
>>   That doesn't scale much more than ssh'ing into multiple machines
>>  and running repetivite tasks.  For 10 machines it could work if you
>>  were patient.  For 50 it would not.
> Umm...  it's client-server web based and can be set up where one machine
> can monitor others and kick of automated alarms.
> Granted it's not that useful for replicating configurations, but it's a
> pretty good monitoring solution - I have a couple of machines doing
> mutual monitoring and sending email alerts when things go down.  Nagios
> might also be good for this, though I haven't played with it personally.
Didnt know they got monitoring soloutions into webmin, I currently use
nagios for such things and will probably continue with that.

>>   Plus it has been removed from testing/Etch + unstable ...
> Now that's a bit more significant problem, unless it builds cleanly from
> source.
Anyone know why this have occured?

Thanks for everyones suggestion and hints, i will evaluate cfengine and
see it is worth the time to setup.

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