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Re: apt bug 388708

On Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 17:21:11 +0000, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> Thanks a lot. Got 
> apt-get update
> working again. 
> However, at least for i386, the Debian repositories still  (3 October 17.10 
> UTC) contain a faulty 0.6.46. 
> Running
> apt-get upgrade
> the wrong status is obtained again, so that the procedure of downgrading to 
> 0.6.45 must be repeated

You can use pinning to keep a given package at a certain version while
the rest of the system can be upgraded normally; see "man
apt_preferences". Things can get annoying if a greater number of
packages need to be pinned, though, since you have to remember to check
for fixed versions yourself and then remove the pins again.

aptitude handles this much better: You can explicitly forbid an upgrade
to a specific version and if a newer (hopefully fixed) version becomes
available then the package is upgraded to that version automatically
without you having to keep track of what you blocked and why.


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