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Re: bcm43xx support in Debian etch

Rainer Dorsch wrote:
Am Sonntag, 1. Oktober 2006 21:42 schrieb Damon L. Chesser:
I to, have seen this issue.  I did not pursue it as it was a total
surprise to me to even seen it work at all!  I just kept using my pcmcia
Proxim Gold card.  I look forward to following this thread.


why have you been surprised to see that this work (to a large extend at least)? The bcm43xx driver is in the mainline kernel and this made me expecting it to be a pretty robust driver. But obviously you knew better.... Anyways would be nice to see sarge shipping with good suport for this chip.

And I should mention, the driver at least does not crash the system....


The reason I was surprised was I did not know it was in the newer kernels. Previously, you needed a patch or some such thing. That was something I did not want to play with. When I first got a laptop, I just purchased a Proxim Gold card, which with the madwif just works. Then, some few months ago, I re-installed to sid on my laptop (I had been using a custom kernel which would not be overwritten by the stock debian kernels) and it found my built in wireless. Not only did it find it, after a very little research into the matter, I found out how to extract the firmware. I followed the instructions, and guess what? It worked. But after a reboot, it NEVER worked again. I keep testing after every new kernel, but so far, no joy. Every now and then, I try to extract a new firmware, but I have not done this in a long time. It was just a mild interest to me.

Kinda of a long story, but that is why I was surprised. I do not keep up on the kernel dev lists and had been running my own custom kernel. I was very surprised at what DID work right out of Sid (like media auto mount with gnome-volume-manager installed). At that point I realized that Linux (and my beloved Debian, with out any hacks installed!) had become the equal to Windows for joe-six packs use (discounting the holly grail of gaming). Big, big, evolution IMHO.

I now tell my window using companions that Linux is NOW easier to install and run then winows is and is the technical equivalence of Vista with out any roadblocks to it's free usage (except for the latest Game Titles of course). I also let them know that they can run it NOW with out the steep upgrade required.

Damon L. Chesser

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