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Re: clocks

Hello Peter.

Please answer directly to the list, your Thunderbird is able[0] to do so.

Peter Easthope, 01.10.2006 20:40:
> m> Really on the desktop or only in the panel? There is no panel.  Just
> the bare desktop with icons
> for the terminal viewer and the Skype.  How shall I configure so that
> the panel appears automatically xfce starts?

That should be the default behaviour. This is the content of the „Failsafe
Session“ field in my /etc/xdg/xfce4-session/xfce4-session.rc:

> # This the default session launched by xfce4-session if the
> # user hasn't saved any session yet or creates a new session.
> [Failsafe Session]
> Count=4
> Client0_Command=xfwm4
> Client0_PerScreen=False
> Client1_Command=xfce4-panel
> Client1_PerScreen=False
> Client2_Command=xfdesktop
> Client2_PerScreen=False
> Client3_Command=Thunar,--daemon
> Client3_PerScreen=False

I think you need these if you want to have the panel. (But you can also start it
manually everytime by just running its command and saving your session wit the
panel activated.)

> In any case, the desktop menu gives access to programs & etc.  Is the
> Xfce Panel needed?

Well, I don’t know if you need it, but I do. I have the tasklist, the tray and a
clock there.

> m> For the latter you could use the Orage calendar.
> I can start an Orage from the desktop menu but it shows only a calendar
> for the current month.  I want to see the date and time.

For this you need to use Orages panel applet. (AFAIR)

> m> If you want it on the desktop, maybe torsmo can help you.
> Package search reports torsmo for stable and not for etch.

Then use that one? Oh, and torsmo seems to have a successor: conky.

Regards, Mathias

[0] http://open.nit.ca/wiki/index.php?page=ReplyToListThunderbirdExtension


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