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Re: AVIDemux Oddity

Scarletdown wrote:
I'm trying to remaster a set of DVDs, and AVIDemux is giving me a
strange problem.

After ripping the disks to my hard drive using vobcopy, I renamed the
VOB files, changing their extensions to mpeg.  When I bring up one of
the mpegs in XINE, it looks fine, full screen.  However, when I bring it
up in AVIDemux so I can edit it, the aspect ratio is all wrong.  Here's
a screenshot showing what I am talking about:


I went ahead and did my editing, then saved the video and audio files,
and multiplexed them back together using mplex, thinking things would be
back to normal once they were merged back into an mpeg.  But when I
bring up the new mpeg in XINE, it is still wrong, like in the screenshot
referenced above.

I'm guessing this is happening in AVIDemux, but I'm not certain what
settings I need to change after loading the mpeg for editing.  Any

Do you have mplayer installed? If so, try to "identify" the properties of the video before and after avidemux with following:

mplayer -vo null -ao null -frames 1 -identify <video_file>

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