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Re: (end of) Development and documentation in Debian

Hallo, Kevin
(using half of your's mail-followup-to, because i'm using gmane.org,
 and i don't know what will happen ;)

On 2006-10-01, Kevin Mark <kevin.mark@verizon.net> wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 30, 2006 at 10:06:51PM +0000, Oleg Verych wrote:
>> Debian project is to provide free OS. How one can develop that free OS
>> without (that small amount of) documentation ?
>> So, we will have free OS, nobody can develop without nonfree ?
>> Nonsense.
>> It's very sad...
> Many folks here who believe in the DFSG understand and agree with your
> point.
> You should check out the bug report
> relating to the use of 'firefox' by mozilla.com and the recent release
> of cdrkit after talks with its author failed. If documentation is

I don't care about that any more. I use lynx (galeon) and dvd+rw-tools.
Finally i forced to use linux-console+screen+mutt+slrn+jed+lynx+most
(pdftotext soon). Where's useful free software with non-text user interface?
I don't know. And GCC without even man? It's crossing the line.

But i saw first sings of GNU FDL, when linux-kernel/Documentation/ was
cleaned in very radical way. Sadly mister RMS didn't care and started
***v3, now published and proposed for discussion. Funny, that the most
functionality of many programs is done in libraries, yet it isn't pure GPL,
but LGPL, or GPL with "special exception".

IMHO, true GPLed software is The Linux Kernel, not part of GNU project and
FSF copyright. Lovely PITA of mister RMS.

> DFSG-free, it ensures that you can do more than just read it. The 4
> freedoms that RMS wrote are not simply about just being able to read a
> book or work.

Deadlock with mister RMS here, see GNU F;DL.
boom.com and many obsolete HOWTOs, very old documentation, no
documentation, GNU FDL documentation. In short: nothing !

> The solution is to ask the author to relicense the work
> and/or for someone to create a new work that complies with the DFSG.
> I too look forward to the day when we have DFSG documentation.

dung-tank ... err ... duck-tank ... no, dunc-tank, yea ?!

It will be very hard to make distribution, where there isn't any useful
free program or stuff. Anyway, good luck to Debian developers and users...

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