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(end of) Development and documentation in Debian

Hallo, dear developers and users of Debian.
I actually didn't care to search much of www, because i fed up with
all of it, this is just my opinion.

Mile stone, we are now is "man gcc": nothing found. Next mile stone
"C-h i": nothing found...

Debian project is to provide free OS. How one can develop that free OS
without (that small amount of) documentation ? Emacs is by definition
one that:
"Description: The GNU Emacs editor
 GNU Emacs is the extensible *self-documenting* text editor."
Indeed. I doubt, one can use it without cabinet of vodka and month of
reading emacs' docs.

So, we will have free OS, nobody can develop without nonfree ?
It's very sad...

Kind of GNU Fuckup.
Overdesign simple and let complex to whatever...

 #oo'L O
<___=E M

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