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apt-proxy validation failed errors


I have apt-proxy setup and running fine, mostly. I do have an issue I am
unable to solve.

I am behind a dial up connection and large files (such as kernel images)
sometimes do not download in a single session. Before I install
apt-proxy, apt-get install ... would resume partial downloads. With
apt-proxy, this is not the case and I understand why.

To work around this situation, I have tried the following:

* on the box with the failed d/l, resume the d/l myself. (i.e.
	cd /var/cache/apt/archives/partial
	wget -c

* mv the file to /var/cache/apt/archives.
* apt is happy and will install the file properly.

* I then would copy the file to its appropriate place on the apt box,
* set the owner to aptproxy:nogroup.

* sometimes this works, but often not, as when another client tries to
* get file, apt-proxy goes thru its verification process and fails.

My question then is, what is the verification process and why does it

>From the logs, it appears as apt-proxy tries to run dpkg --fsys-tarfile
on the deb, if I run this manually, he works, when apt-proxy runs it,
the verification failes and he tries to d/l the whole deb again.

TIA James

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