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Re: Problems installing BRUB with RAID5

On 30-sep-2006, at 22:26, Gilles Mocellin wrote:

Le samedi 30 septembre 2006 22:17, Chris Willard a écrit :
Hi All,

I have a pc with 3x40GB IDE drives.

I have 2 RAID 5 devices setup-

/dev/md0 = 3 x 38GB as /
/dev/md1 = 3 x 2GB as SWAP

Debian base installs OK but when I get to the Grub installation I get a
"Fatal Error" message.

I am telling Grub to install on /dev/md0 but it won't install.

Grub must be installed on a real disk.
Grub 2 as just receive a patch allowing RAID and LVM support.

For now, you must install grub on your drives (1, 2 or even the 3 making md0).
The root filesystem can be /dev/md0.

You could also make a small RAID 1 set consisting of 3 100MB partions and set them up as /boot. Then turn the rest into a RAID 5 set, and partition it (preferably with LVM) into /swap and /root. Then grub will install on all three RAID1 partitions and if one disk fails, it will simply start from the other RAID 1 disks.


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