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Re: mod_headers in apache 1.3

saravanan ganapathy wrote:
--- saravanan ganapathy <sarav_gsa@yahoo.com> wrote:


I am using apache 1.3.33 on debian3.1 and I want to
hide 'server string' in headers. I already
'ServerTokens Prod'. 

Now it shows server string as 'Apache' and I need to
change this. So I configured the following in my
httpd.conf and this is not working

LoadModule headers_module

Header set Server "nothing"
Perhaps this might work better
Header unset Server

There might be another "Header set Server" later on in the config file.
The same above config is working in apache2.x.

Whats the problem in apache1.x?


You may have better luck int the apache mailing list

Any help please?


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