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still in search of a good news reader

After finding out that Thunderbird is unlikely to support
newsgroup filtering based on cross-posts (something that I did at the
news-server level with INN back in 1993), I looked at what other
newsreaders were available for Debian unstable. I aborted installing knews
because it appeared to only support one news-server (I currently use 3
different servers), and installed pan.

Although pan is able to do rudimentary filtering based on cross-posting,
it still appears "dumbed-down" and some options that I'd like to pick
global defaults for seem to only be able to be set per newsgroup.

The biggest issue I have with pan seem to be:

I can't find out how to view attachments from within pan.

Does anyone have suggestions on a good newsreader package with support for
multiple nntp servers and filtering? I'd prefer gui but did start out with
tin (-:.


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