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Re: Debian Love

Yes, I will agree, WELL DONE, and keep up the good work DD's. I have 
used a few distro's and what has made me come back to Debian is it's 
stability, and ease of updateing etc. One thing that makes it stand out 
over most other distro's is its maturity. Love it. 

Cheers, Martin.

On 11:08 Fri 22 Sep     , Jason Martens wrote:
> It seems that morale is a bit low among the developers right now, so I
> thought it might be nice for all of us users to remind them why Debian
> is such an awesome project.  I love Debian. I love how the system works.
> I love the quality of the packages.  I love that it lets me do what I
> want to do, and does not try to dictate how to do things. 
> To all of you Debian developers, thank you.  I really appreciate the
> work you do. Keep it up!
> Jason Martens
> Debian Lover
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