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Re: Networking probs after system restore [SOLVED-ish]

On Monday 11 September 2006 16:00, johnohagan@iprimus.com.au wrote:
>   Hi list,
> I just duplicated my system onto a Thinkpad T40 like this:

[Snip long install story...]

> But now the installation is complete, there is a complex bundle of
> problems:
> - with NetworkManager:
>         - Wired ethernet is claimed to be connected, sometimes reporting
> a	169.* ip address, in which case pinging the router fails, or a 192.*
> address, in which case the router can	be pinged; in both cases I cannot
> connect to the	internet, even using numerical addresses. NetworkManager
> reports:
> "NetworkManager: <information>   DHCP returned name servers but system
>         has disabled dynamic modification!"
>         -Wireless connection using wpa_supplicant fails,	with this output:
[Snip long debug output...]
> - If I re-establish my interfaces file and use ifupdown:
>        - Wired ethernet with DHCP fails with:
>        "DHCPDISCOVER on ethernet to port 67 interval 4
>  send_packet: Message too long";
>        or with a static setup, it doesn't enable browsing.
>        - Wireless works, but not with wpa_supplicant. Uses DHCP and the
> airo module.
> AFAIKT (which is not very) this means that there are at least two problems:
> DHCP has stopped working for the ethernet interface - presumably because
> of some installed program - and wpa_supplicant is not working for the
> wireless interface.

One problem was a partly-installed dnsutils package: apt claimed it was  at 
the latest version and offered to upgrade it simultaneously! This took care 
of the DHCP issue I was having; I will start another, more concise thread on 
the wireless card thingy.



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