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Re: is it possible to create a black box with debian?

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> Thank you for your answer.
> I was looking for more information about your option, but it looks like
> something to be used over the graphic interface.
> If I'm wrong please correct me this detail.

Yes, kiosk mode is handled by the Window Manager or the Desktop

> In my case, I don't need any graphic interface on the black box, the
> users can run any operating system on their desktop.

In that case, the hardware issues that I mentioned (BIOS password,
no access to USB ports, strong case lock, disabled Ctrl-Alt-Del, no
CD/DVD drive, etc) will still serve you.
Yes, all these options are correct.

But my biggest is the following question.
Is it possible to create a full encrypted filesystem?
for example

I'm going to test this installation, but in this case the best option is to have a usb key, but still there is a problem, at the server location, they don't need to have anything like that to start the server.

Note, though that this is a *Debian* (therefore *Linux) list, so we
can't/won't tell you how to secure MSFT Windows...

I use debian sarge
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Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

Thanks for all your help

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