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Re: Re: Hauppage Nova-T PCI DVB receiver card fine in 2.6.8, broken in2.6.16


Thank you very much for your time and attention. Here are some clarifications (sorry about the crummy formatting).

> This should not be necessary with udev, which should automatically create your DVB devices. Since you are starting with sarge config files, I suspect you are missing the required entries in /etc/udev/udev.rules. Try a web search using keywords debian, udev.rules and the devices you expect to see. For example, I recently had to add the following udev.rules entry for a USB remote, for the lirc driver:
> KERNEL="lirc[0-9]*", NAME="lirc/%n"

I do have such an entry for DVB in /etc/udev/udev.rules:

KERNEL=="dvb*", PROGRAM="/bin/sh -c 'K=%k; K=$${K#dvb}; printf dvb/adapter%%i/%%s$${K%%%%.*} $${K#*.}", \
KERNEL=="card[0-9]*",           NAME="dri/%k"

> Earlier you report that you (not the "system") created those device files in /etc/init.d/dvb. Are you saying something else has happened here?

I didn't explain that very well. After 2.6.16 DVB didn't work the first time, I deleted the device files in case they were still my manually created ones from 2.6.8. Then rebooting 2.6.16 caused the automatic creation of the device files. Hmm. I just remembered I also made an /etc/init.d/dvb entry which calls a MAKEDEV macro:

#! /bin/sh -e
case "$1" in
modprobe dvb-core
cd /dev
modprobe grundig_29504-401
echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/dvb {start|stop|restart|reload|force-reload}"
exit 1
exit 0

I added this to get the DVB going in Sarge. Maybe I should have deleted that too. Oops.

> It's not clear whether you have differentiated between the effect of removing hotplug and installing the new kernel. AFAIK removing hotplug should not have any effect on a non-USB device, while a new kernel obviously could have an effect.

Well, the 2.6.16 kernel DVB didn't work either before or after purging hotplug. The 2.6.8 kernel DVB then didn't work until I reinstalled hotplug.

> Are you saying that you replaced udev with hotplug? I don't understand it because hotplug and udev are not mutually exclusive. If you are removing udev, then what may have happened that udev was misconfigured and was somehow breaking or overriding your manually-created devices in /etc/init.d/dvb. udev replaces /dev and manually-created device files with a pseudo-filesystem and potentially overrides them.

Sorry, I was confused when I wrote that. Because I once had devfs/udev issues between Red Hat 2.4 and 2.6 kernels, I thought udev had been added somewhere between 2.6.8 and 2.6.16. That was the "adding udev" that I referred to, not anything I did myself.

> As far as I know, you don't need udev (it's just a convenience) and you should not need hotplug for your DVB devices, but if you do have udev installed, it must be correctly configured for your drivers. Your USB devices only need hotplug if you want them to be automatically recognized and installed, but otherwise you can manually install. > My approach would be to get rid of both udev and hotplug for the time being and manually install and test your drivers seperately. Then when the driver issues are sorted out, go back and sort out the hotplug and udev issues, if you need the features they provide.

That is very good advice. It will be a learning exercise for me, but I'm sure it will pay off. I'll let you know how I get on.

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