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Re: problems with gnome

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Rodrigo Castro wrote:
> These panel problems appears when I log through gdm.

Disable gdm and use startx from the CLI.  This way, *before* you run
startx, run "ps aux | grep gnome" to see if there are any errant
processes hanging around.

> On 9/5/06, Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:
> Rodrigo Castro wrote:
>> Gnome's been giving me trouble recently. Sometime it doesn't show the
> main
>> menu, the archives listed on desktop or doesn't initialize the panel
> saying
>> that there's already a running panel. I've been deleting some archives
> like
>> .xsession-errors .gtkrc* and so on. But this isn't always successful.
>> And to
>> solve the panel problem we try to kill some processes, but sometimes
> they
>> just won't die.
>> But these procedures are paliative. I want to know how to stop them to
>> occur. Can anyone help me? Maybe that isn't even related to Gnome.
> Do you log in to the console or [gx]dm?

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