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Re: install kernel from testing on sarge

On Tuesday 05 September 2006 01:50, Vladi Lemurov wrote:
> Hi there!
>     I use debian sarge and would like to install the latest kernel from
> "testing" (I need it to set dvb interfaces down without getting the
> server hung), but keep all other packets from
> "stable" distribution, so I could update them, install new and so on. Is
> that possible, I mean "debian-way" (Of course, I can simply take sources
> and compile the kernel myself, I am quite experienced at that, but I
> switched to debian to minimize compiling packages and would like to
> learn how to deal with such situation "debian-way"). Could you point the
> paper where it is described?
>           Thanks, Vladi.

Try www.backports.org they have newer kenels pre-built to install on 


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