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Re: USB stick

On Mon, 4 Sep 2006 20:27:05 +0100
Alan Chandler <alan@chandlerfamily.org.uk> wrote:

> # Portable Flash Storage
>  BUS=="usb", SYSFS{product}=="JUMPDRIVE ELITE", KERNEL=="sd?1",  NAME="flash", 
> SYMLINK="jumpdrive flash"
>  BUS=="usb", SYSFS{product}=="USB DISK 2.0", KERNEL=="sd?1",  NAME="flash" , 
> SYMLINK="integral_storage flash"

Good, but I don't remember having to write any rules. It more or less
works on etch. Less lately, because the d*mn write tab broke off just
today on my sandisk 1 gb and will have to send it back to them ;(.
> KDE notices it, and asks what I wish to do - will mount it automatically

Automount works in etch as well. I had to upgrade the kernel from
2.6.12 to 2.6-15-7 in order for the card to be recognized in my no-name
USB something-in-1 card reader. Prior to the upgrade, it would act as
if there wasn't a recognizable superblock in /dev/sdd1. Sincd sarge
uses 2.6.8 (IIRC), this might pose a problem.

There were some issues where the card mounted with wrong permissions,
but that seems to be fixed now. (Still, because of the broken tab, I
can't write anything to the card now.)

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dfox@tsoft.com                            change magnetic patterns
dfox@m206-157.dsl.tsoft.com               on your hard disk.

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