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Re: USB stick

On Monday 04 September 2006 19:51, Gilles SICHE wrote:
> Hi there,
> sorry about the basic quality of the question : I have a sarge distribution
> on a laptop and I would like to install a USB memory stick. I'm afraid I
> don't know how to go about it!

Not sure if this will work for sarge (this is on unstable), but ...

install the udev package ...
I'd be leary messing around with udev on Sarge. Sarge relies on hotplug, and there may be a conflict. If you have a 2.4.27 kernel image, or anything 2.4, I would install the 2.6.8 kernel image, along with hal and gnome-volume-manager (I'm assuming you're using the default desktop, gnome). I'm guessing this should be enough for your machine to automatically find your USB stick.


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