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Hauppage Nova-T PCI DVB receiver card fine in 2.6.8, broken in 2.6.16

I have a similar problem to some earlier posters. I will describe it to you, but first I must vent.

I have been running my little old WinTV Nova-T PCI quite happily for 3 years in a RedHat 8 box. When I say old, I mean _old_. It's got the Grundig front end and the SAA7146 chipset. I had some teething problems getting the DVB drivers compiled, back in the 2.4.22 days before they were in the kernel, but after that it was totally reliable. I once recorded 14 hours of unbroken TV.

This year, I upgraded to Debian Sarge with a 2.6.8 kernel. After some voodoo, I finally got the DVB working again. Sparing the gore, the key points were:

a) use Sarge, not Etch
b) modprobe the grundig_29504-401 driver in /etc/init.d/dvb
c) manually mknod the device nodes for /dev/dvb/adapter0 (remembering to use major device number 212)
d) build the latest dvbstream from CVS
e) personally bite the head off the chicken - the meat cleaver is not enough

But, my USB webcam still didn't work (another story) so I did a dist-upgrade to Etch. That gave me Etch stuff with a 2.6.8 kernel. DVB still working at this point.

Then I apt-get install linux-2.6.16 and get a new kernel. The installation process tells me to purge hotplug, so I dpkg --purge hotplug. Now DVB is totally broken. The system populates the /dev/dvb tree with what _looks_ like the correct devices, but dvbstream responds with "bad file descriptor" for the frontend - cat'ing the dev files shows that they really do not exist.

I had been blaming this problem on the change from grundig_29504-401 to L64781, but I don't think this is it. It's something to do with removing hotplug and putting in udev, because when I apt-get install hotplug, it all works again.

After about 50 hours on this, I'm totally at a loss. I'm resigned to only ever having a 2.6.8 kernel. I'm also considering quitting computing for a gardening job. Please, please would someone who knows about hotplug, udev and DVB drivers tell me the stupid thing I'm doing wrong?


Steve Duncan

-- Come, bring forth this offending module
       William Shakespeare

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